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Aboard The Caravel

Musical Voyages of Discovery

Sound Design

March 2019

Today I show in a video how I create an evolving, melancholic-aggressive synthesizer sound.

At the beginning of the video you’ll see what kind of sound I came up with. Then it continues from the very first sine wave to the finished patch.

Obviously, the finished sound didn’t come about within five minutes. As was to be expected, I got lost here and there in the course of creating this sound. Almost all of that I kept in the video. For authenticity, I guess.

The video is probably most beneficial to other musicians. But I belief, that also music aficionados could find this exciting, even though they might not exactly know what is going on in detail.

By the way, this is one of the videos that I currently show under the menu item “Workbench” every day. Feel free to check it out for more of this.